Treasure of Capric Cover

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The Treasure of Capric

By Brandon M Wilborn

In a nation under clouds of darkness, three young monks who’ve lost their home must race to find their sacred treasure before their world collapses.

The first problem: they’ve never seen it…

The action packed series opener to The King of The Caves is available at your favorite online bookstore.


Wilborn’s tale deserves high marks for its compelling, purposeful prose.

– The Book Life Prize

Vickie L. Grider
Siren Silence: The Fate of Cpt. Bacchus: A King of The Caves Novella (The King of the Caves) | Captain Bacchus I was glad to find out what happened with Captain Bacchus. I hope there will be a sequel telling us more about him. In fact, I hope there are more sequels to this series.
Vickie L. Grider
The Treasure of Capric (The King of the Caves Book 1) | King of the Caves I loved this book. All of the characters were relatable. I was excited to meet the King of the Caves.
Siren Silence: The Fate of Cpt. Bacchus: A King of The Caves Novella (The King of the Caves) | Fascinating look at temptation and the reality it ignores I have always had a love for good science fiction. Along with that, mythology has been of interest to me, but not for the reasons you might think. It never ceases to amaze me how so many people are prone to put a false god in place of the one true God. Mr. Wilborn does a wonderful job of developing the true nature of the sirens and the destructive results of the unredeemed life. I hope Mr. Wilborn continues his writing in the style of C.S. Lewis. A very interesting and insightful read.
The Treasure of Capric (The King of the Caves Book 1) | I knew for sure when you introduced the locusts To all potential readers, this author is a novice art the art of projection. I firmly believe he tries to communicate his allegiance to the order of Nymrod in hopes of gaining success like Robert Jordan. He's a deceiver like Sanderson, he made his intents obvious when he described the evil locusts in his story as looking almost identical to the locusts God uses to judge the wicked in the book of revelation. Look at his profile picture and ask God to show you his essence.
Kindle Customer
The Treasure of Capric (The King of the Caves Book 1) | Understanding why Good vs evil story. I enjoyed the characters and the storyline but I started getting bored with this book and I am not sure why. The young monks always seem lost in their minds constituents to turn next. I was getting tired of waiting until they figure what's next.
C. S. Wachter
The Treasure of Capric (The King of the Caves Book 1) | An Exciting Story and a Good Read When their monastery is destroyed and their ancient treasure stolen, Kurian and his friends, Rhys and Tobin, are tasked with the challenge of retrieving their treasure which puts them on a collision course with the despot, Lord Evasius, and his right hand man, Captain Fallon.As the story progresses, the three meet the King of the Caves and the Christian underpinnings of the story come clear. Though they expect the King of the Caves to be a bandit, they find something entirely different.The pacing is smooth, and the characters rounded. Elements of miracles are juxtaposed against a background of dark magic and witchcraft and a few gruesome moments.I enjoyed the way Kurian’s character matured and grew while maintaining a humble, compassionate nature. If you like your fantasy with a generous dose of Christian imagery, this book should be a delight. And even if you don’t seek out the Christian elements, this is an exciting story and a good read.
The Treasure of Capric (The King of the Caves Book 1) | I liked this at first I liked this story at first, but if I remember rightly, it had a cuss word in it. Since I don't read stories with cussing in them I didn't finish.
A Partent
The Treasure of Capric (The King of the Caves Book 1) | A Great Christian Allegory While very well written, the book starts off a bit slow. Once the main character come into contact with King of the Caves, the Christian allegory becomes apparent. I can hardly wait for the next book in the series to come out!
Siren Silence: The Fate of Cpt. Bacchus: A King of The Caves Novella (The King of the Caves) | Waiting for God's answer Wilborn didn't disappoint keeping me in suspense. Now I'm even more eager to continue learning of the fate of Kurian and his team. Look forward to book 2 of this series. This series is good for ya and older.
Liza van der Pluym
Siren Silence: The Fate of Cpt. Bacchus: A King of The Caves Novella (The King of the Caves) | Awesome novella Wow what an awesome and fast pace novella. This must be read after The treasure of Capric. Really enjoyed reading this and could not put it down. A must read for all ages!

Fantasy Author

Brandon M. Wilborn

Brandon Wilborn is a man with too many interests, several of which led him to author The Treasure of Capric, the first book in The King of the Caves series, and a follow-up novella, Siren Silence. His love of science fiction and fantasy, along with an education in English and Theological Studies, inspired him to create stories that are full of epic adventure while grappling with deeper questions of life, faith, and our role in the drama of good and evil. After a wandering youth in a Navy family, he now lives with his wife and two kids in Idaho.


Treasure of Capric Cover

The Treasure of Capric (The King of The Caves – Book 1)

The opening adventure.

The Crownless King - Cover Hidden

Coming Soon

The Crownless King (The King of The Caves – Book 2)

Siren Silence: The Fate of Cpt. Bacchus

A thrilling novella set shortly after the events in book one.

The Relic Short Story Cover


The RelIc

A King of The Caves Adventure

Warriors Fight Battles.
Priests Offer Hope.

Sometimes you need both to win against unbeatable odds.

The victorious army of Fin has recovered the relic that King Frederick hopes will unite the entire plain of Apos.

None of them see the danger coming from the sea: an enormous Ballentine army sails up the river Apos, burning villages and murdering Fin’s citizens with their three-bladed death dance.

Holding the only high ground for leagues, the army of Fin is hopelessly outnumbered.

Their only hope is a cryptic vision given to the king’s priest.


The King of The Caves –  Book Two

The Crownless King

The fugitive heir to an ancient throne battles a tyrannical nobleman to win the crown and lead his nation out of a dark age.

The Crownless King - Cover Hidden

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