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Brandon Wilborn is a man with too many interests, and one great love. No, three great loves. Well, five. So far.

But for the purposes here, he has one great love, and that is science fiction and fantasy. He first fell in love with the fantastical and mythical while playing The Legend of Zelda and watching an old cartoon of The Hobbit when he was four years old. That eventually led him to dream of writing.

He has previously been an office recycling ninja, a newsroom napper, a birthday party pirate, a duck peddler, a candlestick trader, a corporate word slinger, and a youth minister. He has volunteered with teens and young adults in literary and ministerial pursuits across the west for over 20 years.

But his love of science fiction and fantasy, along with an education in English and Theological Studies, compelled him to create stories that are full of epic adventure while grappling with deeper questions of life, faith, and our role in the drama of good and evil.

He has now authored The Treasure of Capric, his first novel and book one of The King of the Caves series, along with a follow-up novella, Siren Silence.  The second full book of the series is scheduled to be released later in 2023.

After a wandering youth in a Navy family, growing up primarily in Hawaii, and then wandering a bit more, he has now found a happy home with three of his great loves in Idaho.

Best Sellers

Treasure of Capric Cover

The Treasure of Capric (The King of The Caves – Book 1)

An Amazon #1 New Release

In a nation under clouds of darkness, three young monks who’ve lost their home must race to find their sacred treasure before their world collapses.

The first problem: they’ve never seen it…

Available at your favorite online bookseller.


Why not ask? Perhaps God will decide to do something astonishing.

– Noeman Goodman, The Treasure of Capric

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